Friendship? What is that?

fakeFriendship is a relationship in which humans share a close bonding with each other. The bond includes support, that is, however much the situation provokes, we always stand by the people we have considered a friend, in front of them and most importantly behind their back. Another criteria that attributes to this lovely bond is, understanding. Comprehending the dilemma, the situation our friend is in, and reacting accordingly, is wise.  Lastly, being non-judgmental plays a pivotal role in such bonds. I suppose, nobody wants to be stalked and commented on, every minute by the people we consider a friend.

Lately, a famous trend is followed in friendship. A trend, in which people be friendly to us, in our presence, and extremely hostile in our absence. A trend in which people exclaim their hatred towards one and a day after, they seem to be best buddies. A trend which is known as Fake-ism.  We all have had phony friends at one point or another. I discern no point in continuing a relationship of trust and love with such hypocrites.  Sharing our personal thoughts with such people is equivalent to sharing it to the whole world. What is the point of friendship here then? Sadly hypocrisy, cannot be termed as a mistake, it is a part of our personality, which disgusts me. It is even more disheartening, when we get to know, that a person, whom we had counted on, has passed belligerent remarks about us. Fake-ism has besieged friendship.

No relationship, particularly friendships die a natural death.  It is tainted because of our futile lies, vehement ego and intense assumptions. We are so egoistic that it takes us several days to ask our fellow mate, what is wrong. Even after we realize our mistake, because of our bulky ego, we are never able to apologize. Making assumptions play an important role in sullying a relationship. The moment, there is a ‘probably’, a ‘think’ or any dilly-dallying thought, we should realize we are about to ruin the connection. We are such unfortunate living beings who are gifted with a mind, but are unable to work it out in a right order.


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