Travel to Experience!


The packing, walk to departure, wait for arrival is such an astonishing experience. Travelling is the best way to obtain this pleasure. Not only the initial phase but the one after is even more enthralling. Ever wondered why we always end up having a moment of depression while heading back?

During the excursion, we adapt loads of ideas. Usually our trips begin with a stereotyped plan but when it turns out to be something out of the box, we get exposed to many things such as diverse mode of local transportation and distinctive talks with the locals…mostly for help. Expanding our knowledge on their culture by grasping their regional language, comprehending their modus operandi and tasting their popular dishes, contributes in having a spectacular experience. Travel p’s and q’s , are another idea we learn as soon as our fellow tourists and provincial people begin to look down upon our belligerent behavior. Majority of travelers desire to create a favorable impression, by desisting from disturbing others with their excess baggage, jumping queues, not to mention respecting the place and localites but some of us proudly indulge in such actions. However diving specifically, I realize, we meet a new us. Discerning the true blue likes and dislikes we possess, the passion we carry, the hidden bona fide thoughts that was suppressed by the negatives, is an actual discovery. Basically the ways are known on how we can love ourselves. Omitting all the complications, the pain, the negativity, we adore our given life.

Travelling is nothing more than freeing our thoughts from an enclosure. When exposed to new environment, we tend to view the dilemmas in a radically different perspective. What looked highly dreadful now seems to be alleviated by the solutions, we instantly found. Such expeditions don’t require an upscale destination or even a ticket, just a walk to a nearby garden and ample of time in hand, is perfect enough.   The more our thoughts are clear, the more we attract bliss. So keep travelling and adopt knowledge, happiness and common sense.


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