Social Networking or Social Disrupting?


It had always been that pictures were meant to live as a memory, to mark exceptional moments in our calendar of life, until social networking sites, were introduced. The strategy to show-off, be it to brag about the newly purchased car, boast on the popularity one owns or the most commonly used topic these days, expressing deeply about the food that was eaten last night with atleast 10 pictures, has become effortless when working through such waste-of-time mediums.

To consume our valuable time onto stalking one another’s profile, is the pivotal feature of these sites. Nobody, unless you are an alien, wants to unveil the dark side of the life in a virtual world. Thus making one’s account superficially so pleasant and beamish, wishing the others to envy them. And majority of times, they are successful. Another facet of this new way of mind upheaval, is the pang of irritation that is caused, when a newly made friend in reality desires you to add them as ‘friends’ because their fingers twitch as they approach for the option due to the flashes of ego falling in front of them.

I would definitely second the fact that such websites play like drugs. They aid us in making ourselves approachable to new humans and most of all to ease communication. However much people pull up a fake attitude of superiority over the internet, they cannot deny their actual persona when found in-person. We cannot hide ourselves behind the laptops and mobile phones all our life, can we?


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