What happens when blind leads the blind?

“Don’t feel bad, but do you know what she said about you?”

“Wow, you’re still hanging out with someone who has nothing other than hatred towards you?”

“Honestly speaking, they really don’t like you, that’s what I’ve been told”

I think we have all come across such people who have told us this and who have narrated others the same, under our name. There are always three kinds of people. Type one, who are never tired of giving obnoxious remarks about almost everyone. Second type being the ones who blindly buy these dramatized statements, and react accordingly, forgetting the fact that they have sense to make an opinion of their own.  The rarest of all, are the people who do not hesitate to take a stand no matter what others say, is type three.

Casting aspersions on people superior, is so common and ‘entertaining’ these days. No matter how classy you remain, the jaundiced eye of people will find faults in the smallest way possible such as “omg, look at his/her eyebrows, looks so jhungli, hahaha.” Empathy is what I feel for such low confident souls who self-satisfy themselves using factitious facts. Adding on to the pitiful persona, the fact that goes unnoticeable is that, if you’ve been told negative about almost everyone, then everyone must have heard execrable remarks about you too! ‘More than what Sally says about Susie, it says more about Sally than Susie’. I think this statement has said enough.

Influencing and backbiting goes hand in hand. Reacting based on what you’ve heard rather than standing up for your own thought, is sign of a weak mind. It’s not that they can’t speak up, it’s just that if they do, they’d be made to put themselves in an undesired situation where they will be questioned and be forced to answer which can cause friction. So the best way out is go with the flow and agree onto every errant detail. To make a point requires courage which many of us are unable to attain and that my friend, is the saddest part. There is a huge difference between possessing intelligence and having high emotional quotient. Intelligence says you can analyse the situation and have a solution ready to fix but emotional quotient addresses the idea on the method you practice to do so.





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