Human,but Kind?

Now before you shut your senses and blindly begin justifying why non-veg is cooler than veg and blah, calm down, drink water and then read further.

After reading the article, ‘HC beef verdict results in locals’ vs outsiders’ debate’ posted on page 8, Mumbai Mirror, my mind was bemused looking at the content.

“Justice AS Oka and Justice S C Gupte ruled that the ban on possession or consumption of beef was an intrusion into private lives”, “A citizen has a right to lead a meaningful life within the four corners of his house and outside. The state cannot prevent a citizen from possessing and consuming a particular type of food.”, “State cannot control what a citizen does in his house, which is his own castle, provided he is not doing something contrary to the law”.

As per these statements, domestic violence and rape that happens in a citizen’s own castle, shouldn’t be made a squabble by the state as it’s an intrusion. Secondly, if the state cannot abnegate a citizen from occupying a particular type of food, it’s inutile to punish those who procures arms and ammunition, even they have the right to lead a meaningful life, don’t they? Third point attributing the law, wait, what law? The laws that are made later, stroked off first, based on one side of an argument? We all have heard the butchers, but our mind never fixated on the animal’s perspective. The reason behind our regress is our instability, even in laws. Won’t be surprised if the news, in the near future revolved around the diminishing of the traffic rules as a result of the protest made by the individual who lost on the job for being delayed due to red lights.

Following ahead, the article centered on a butcher who couldn’t fit in any other job after the ban. Of-course, who would want to abandon a work where you slaughter a life for your living? So beautiful! However, my point being if the intention of the butcher was clear, onto building a career in another field, he would have. The power of mind is everything, says Psychology. He could have, with effort definitely, found another job, but the bullocks cannot look for another life.

In reference to the hygiene factor mentioned, my doubt arises, that how is it hygienic to eat someone’s flesh? If it’s that delicious, then our fellow mate’s organs might be equally yummy, let’s try that? Another idea, which the answer remains unknown to, is that why do we deter eating flesh on occasions and specific days? Guilt? Maybe.

For a moment, just put yourself or your loved one in the animal’s shoe. Are you appeased when your screams are ignored but the slaughterer? Are you content with the fact that you’re being made to surrender your life for someone’s taste? We are so deplorable that we fight against those who we know cannot retort back. As per Mr. Sangh, The butchers are the sufferers and for the rest its win win situation. Is it really for the animals who die every day for us?

God made us humans, and he’s terribly ashamed.


One thought on “Human,but Kind?

  1. As per a fact, ‘ There’s so much artificially produced chicken that if we keep on stacking them on each other, it would go to moon and come back thrice.’ All your points are absolute. But the thing now is it might be late for that. Yeah! But I support you and wish for the world to be a merciful place.


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