So I realized, it’s all about experience! Everybody who comes into our life, either leave a memory or a lesson. To learn from some, on how to be and how not to be, is a major gain I acquired in the 3 years of my current house, I’m moving out from. There were definitely mistakes, from my side but it takes two to tango!

Commenting without knowing the whole story is one of the most entertaining activity.  Making Judgment is a mere work of tongue, but rational thinking  calls for the mind to work which is an effort-needing task, hence avoided.  Sympathy seekers play victim using an exaggerated story to gather people, however mentally strong ones maintain stoic silence rather than crying out in public. Unfortunately this place has never practiced ‘Asking’. Everyone, including myself, have either made or have been the topic of the scuttlebutts. As per this least mature act that I’ve made, I realized, I shouldn’t base my opinion towards the unknown souls on the single-sided story expressed by people. I realized it is vehemently senseless.

The feeling of ‘always being right’ lies within every one of us, and so did it dwell in me. ”My love for animals is divine” and this thought only inflated my ego. I failed to appreciate that some people genuinely love animals just like me. But again, does liking an animal signifies humanity?  Last Diwali, certain heartless souls were responsible for my 4 days of ‘Lost Walnut’ posters. Bursting crackers after my pleading to stop as my pet unleashed himself, resulted in laughters while I failed to catch hold of my superfast yet petrified fur baby. It was the love of my parents & P.A.L team which reunited us. Gut-lacking, grudge filled souls used a pure hearted animal to get back at me. O’ God! Spare these cowards from such miseries, as it’d be beyond their mental faculty to cope up.

Varied thoughts can only create diversity. Respecting one’s belief is a technique we all should learn, so should I. Posting my ideologies on non-veg eaters on social mediums is my sweet will, but to take it personally, was something very childish on my part. Though drama got created, but I really appreciate those folks who had enough sense to move on and begin afresh. However, I still flounder in fathoming the fact about eating someone else’s flesh, but I realized, without losing my belief, respecting others would have done the trick here.

To let ego grow in between and reacting as per the hearsay, are two banal ways of ruining a relationship. Relatable, much? I have done it too, unfortunately. As petty a problem that it was of ‘pet naming’, to forgive after a genuine apology made, was something I didn’t exercise. In the same way reacting to every word of a scandal-causing-soul, led me into a lot of extraneous situations with some people.  However, the same location also introduced me to a few people who trusted their instincts & responded wisely. I realized, ruining a relationship takes a second of impulsiveness, but to maintain, requires love, effort and patience.

Hilarious as it may sound, some guys take immense pride in saying that they’ve been staying here for ‘many years’. Well, if only they’d stepped out and gained exposure, they’d realize what mannerism actually is.  But a sincere thanks to everyone for whatever they DID & DIDN’T DO. As the title, so was the experience, some rocky like HILLS some flowery like GARDEN.


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