Hey Stereotype, step out.

Oscillating between two poles depending on our personnel convenience, is how our society rolls which is followed by our fellow feminists. We support those individuals who are based on the fields we relate to and if some, who are visibly successful in the career lines that differ from the mainstream ideology of what one ‘should be/do’, are undoubtedly belittled.

To judge and criticize is the most enjoyable act performed these days and it has not spared one’s profession even. The successful porn-star, Sunny Leone, is the woman, I’m referring to. Infinite times, have I wondered, if people disliked her so vehemently, why was she ranked #1 in the ‘Top 10 Bollywood Actress in Google Search Ranking, 2015’? Succeeding beautifully in the field she has opted, gives nobody the power to derogate her as we haven’t earned one bit of her achievements.

Those woman who disparage, are termed simply ‘insecure’, because, its quiet evident that they hold no match to her face or physique. It’s like comparing Apples to Oranges. This does not keep me from mentioning those double standard men, who dream of her and then wake-up disgracing her. Well sound with her capabilities, Sunny Leone, proceeded ahead with the non-society accepted career, and here we are, with supposedly ‘Macho’ men. Her own Bollywood Industry failed to accept her but that didn’t break her down as her career decision did not revolve around ‘Log kya sochenge’, it settled on ‘Logon ki soch se aage badhungi’.

Our useless judgments makes it unable for us to respect individual choices. To term an unknown human as good/bad is the cheapest action, we do. We know her name, not her story, so let’s just keep mum maybe?  To give my best in any work I choose and never disintegrate, is what I learnt from her. Let’s try learning as that is way more fruitful than baseless criticisms.


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