Blacks or Whites- Your life, your choice

Funny is how our ‘Society’ is. To be dedicated on passing un-desired opinions on matters, the public is absolutely unaware about, is how they roll. Before showering the un-required suggestions, un-wanted show of concern, un-needed views on situations, the ‘society’ should fathom the fact that the scenarios they come across and freely judge upon, are the ones that are chosen to be visible to them by other people. The grounds on which other individuals are classified as ‘correct/incorrect’, is the idea I am focusing on. Morals and Values are ideologies on which people can have  same, a slightly different, or a radically contrasting point of view, so basing one’s principles on another’s followed by terming the individual as ‘Good or Bad’ or the acts executed as ‘Right or Wrong’ is practically groundless.

Talking about principles, it is impossible to not mention those hackneyed thoughts that are still the base of many tags, the supposed ‘Rights and Wrongs’, given to people by people!  Let me throw some light on few examples here:

  • To wear fashionable clothes or short clothes- Wrong

To wear something that covers you from top to bottom or traditional clothes- Right

  • A profession that requires open mindedness and courage to take up (Porn-Star)- Wrong

A profession too relatable by general public (Doctor/Engineer) – Right

  • Drinking any hard drink, obviously in limited amount- Wrong

Drinking anything other than hard drink- Right

  • Attends Parties or is a socialite- Wrong

Attends only Family gatherings or sits at home- Right

  • Hangs out or is too friendly with the opposite gender- Wrong

Hangs out alone/same gender or is an introvert- Right

Aha, so these are thoughts behind the development of the social norms that had been, have been and will be followed unless a simple notion is introduced and that is to ‘Live and Let live’. If an action carried out by someone isn’t harming the public or the law, quit judging and respect their choice. If the likes, dislikes, beliefs etc. of one isn’t going down well with another, quit judging and respect their choices.  Life is too short to waste on classifying others. Let’s practice on spending our lives in PEACE.





3 thoughts on “Blacks or Whites- Your life, your choice

  1. Absolutely correct. At least by nothing, but after reading these wonderful sentences people will abjure. People will start abnegating these things. Also, the people like you who are bringing change should be abstruce with your belifs. Superb!

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