Blacks or Whites- Your life, your choice

Funny is how our ‘Society’ is. To be dedicated on passing un-desired opinions on matters, the public is absolutely unaware about, is how they roll. Before showering the un-required suggestions, un-wanted show of concern, un-needed views on situations, the ‘society’ should fathom the fact that the scenarios they come across and freely judge upon, are the ones that are chosen to be visible to them by other people. The grounds on which other individuals are classified as ‘correct/incorrect’, is the idea I am focusing on. Morals and Values are ideologies on which people can have  same, a slightly different, or a radically contrasting point of view, so basing one’s principles on another’s followed by terming the individual as ‘Good or Bad’ or the acts executed as ‘Right or Wrong’ is practically groundless.

Talking about principles, it is impossible to not mention those hackneyed thoughts that are still the base of many tags, the supposed ‘Rights and Wrongs’, given to people by people!  Let me throw some light on few examples here:

  • To wear fashionable clothes or short clothes- Wrong

To wear something that covers you from top to bottom or traditional clothes- Right

  • A profession that requires open mindedness and courage to take up (Porn-Star)- Wrong

A profession too relatable by general public (Doctor/Engineer) – Right

  • Drinking any hard drink, obviously in limited amount- Wrong

Drinking anything other than hard drink- Right

  • Attends Parties or is a socialite- Wrong

Attends only Family gatherings or sits at home- Right

  • Hangs out or is too friendly with the opposite gender- Wrong

Hangs out alone/same gender or is an introvert- Right

Aha, so these are thoughts behind the development of the social norms that had been, have been and will be followed unless a simple notion is introduced and that is to ‘Live and Let live’. If an action carried out by someone isn’t harming the public or the law, quit judging and respect their choice. If the likes, dislikes, beliefs etc. of one isn’t going down well with another, quit judging and respect their choices.  Life is too short to waste on classifying others. Let’s practice on spending our lives in PEACE.





Hey Stereotype, step out.

Oscillating between two poles depending on our personnel convenience, is how our society rolls which is followed by our fellow feminists. We support those individuals who are based on the fields we relate to and if some, who are visibly successful in the career lines that differ from the mainstream ideology of what one ‘should be/do’, are undoubtedly belittled.

To judge and criticize is the most enjoyable act performed these days and it has not spared one’s profession even. The successful porn-star, Sunny Leone, is the woman, I’m referring to. Infinite times, have I wondered, if people disliked her so vehemently, why was she ranked #1 in the ‘Top 10 Bollywood Actress in Google Search Ranking, 2015’? Succeeding beautifully in the field she has opted, gives nobody the power to derogate her as we haven’t earned one bit of her achievements.

Those woman who disparage, are termed simply ‘insecure’, because, its quiet evident that they hold no match to her face or physique. It’s like comparing Apples to Oranges. This does not keep me from mentioning those double standard men, who dream of her and then wake-up disgracing her. Well sound with her capabilities, Sunny Leone, proceeded ahead with the non-society accepted career, and here we are, with supposedly ‘Macho’ men. Her own Bollywood Industry failed to accept her but that didn’t break her down as her career decision did not revolve around ‘Log kya sochenge’, it settled on ‘Logon ki soch se aage badhungi’.

Our useless judgments makes it unable for us to respect individual choices. To term an unknown human as good/bad is the cheapest action, we do. We know her name, not her story, so let’s just keep mum maybe?  To give my best in any work I choose and never disintegrate, is what I learnt from her. Let’s try learning as that is way more fruitful than baseless criticisms.


So I realized, it’s all about experience! Everybody who comes into our life, either leave a memory or a lesson. To learn from some, on how to be and how not to be, is a major gain I acquired in the 3 years of my current house, I’m moving out from. There were definitely mistakes, from my side but it takes two to tango!

Commenting without knowing the whole story is one of the most entertaining activity.  Making Judgment is a mere work of tongue, but rational thinking  calls for the mind to work which is an effort-needing task, hence avoided.  Sympathy seekers play victim using an exaggerated story to gather people, however mentally strong ones maintain stoic silence rather than crying out in public. Unfortunately this place has never practiced ‘Asking’. Everyone, including myself, have either made or have been the topic of the scuttlebutts. As per this least mature act that I’ve made, I realized, I shouldn’t base my opinion towards the unknown souls on the single-sided story expressed by people. I realized it is vehemently senseless.

The feeling of ‘always being right’ lies within every one of us, and so did it dwell in me. ”My love for animals is divine” and this thought only inflated my ego. I failed to appreciate that some people genuinely love animals just like me. But again, does liking an animal signifies humanity?  Last Diwali, certain heartless souls were responsible for my 4 days of ‘Lost Walnut’ posters. Bursting crackers after my pleading to stop as my pet unleashed himself, resulted in laughters while I failed to catch hold of my superfast yet petrified fur baby. It was the love of my parents & P.A.L team which reunited us. Gut-lacking, grudge filled souls used a pure hearted animal to get back at me. O’ God! Spare these cowards from such miseries, as it’d be beyond their mental faculty to cope up.

Varied thoughts can only create diversity. Respecting one’s belief is a technique we all should learn, so should I. Posting my ideologies on non-veg eaters on social mediums is my sweet will, but to take it personally, was something very childish on my part. Though drama got created, but I really appreciate those folks who had enough sense to move on and begin afresh. However, I still flounder in fathoming the fact about eating someone else’s flesh, but I realized, without losing my belief, respecting others would have done the trick here.

To let ego grow in between and reacting as per the hearsay, are two banal ways of ruining a relationship. Relatable, much? I have done it too, unfortunately. As petty a problem that it was of ‘pet naming’, to forgive after a genuine apology made, was something I didn’t exercise. In the same way reacting to every word of a scandal-causing-soul, led me into a lot of extraneous situations with some people.  However, the same location also introduced me to a few people who trusted their instincts & responded wisely. I realized, ruining a relationship takes a second of impulsiveness, but to maintain, requires love, effort and patience.

Hilarious as it may sound, some guys take immense pride in saying that they’ve been staying here for ‘many years’. Well, if only they’d stepped out and gained exposure, they’d realize what mannerism actually is.  But a sincere thanks to everyone for whatever they DID & DIDN’T DO. As the title, so was the experience, some rocky like HILLS some flowery like GARDEN.

Human,but Kind?

Now before you shut your senses and blindly begin justifying why non-veg is cooler than veg and blah, calm down, drink water and then read further.

After reading the article, ‘HC beef verdict results in locals’ vs outsiders’ debate’ posted on page 8, Mumbai Mirror, my mind was bemused looking at the content.

“Justice AS Oka and Justice S C Gupte ruled that the ban on possession or consumption of beef was an intrusion into private lives”, “A citizen has a right to lead a meaningful life within the four corners of his house and outside. The state cannot prevent a citizen from possessing and consuming a particular type of food.”, “State cannot control what a citizen does in his house, which is his own castle, provided he is not doing something contrary to the law”.

As per these statements, domestic violence and rape that happens in a citizen’s own castle, shouldn’t be made a squabble by the state as it’s an intrusion. Secondly, if the state cannot abnegate a citizen from occupying a particular type of food, it’s inutile to punish those who procures arms and ammunition, even they have the right to lead a meaningful life, don’t they? Third point attributing the law, wait, what law? The laws that are made later, stroked off first, based on one side of an argument? We all have heard the butchers, but our mind never fixated on the animal’s perspective. The reason behind our regress is our instability, even in laws. Won’t be surprised if the news, in the near future revolved around the diminishing of the traffic rules as a result of the protest made by the individual who lost on the job for being delayed due to red lights.

Following ahead, the article centered on a butcher who couldn’t fit in any other job after the ban. Of-course, who would want to abandon a work where you slaughter a life for your living? So beautiful! However, my point being if the intention of the butcher was clear, onto building a career in another field, he would have. The power of mind is everything, says Psychology. He could have, with effort definitely, found another job, but the bullocks cannot look for another life.

In reference to the hygiene factor mentioned, my doubt arises, that how is it hygienic to eat someone’s flesh? If it’s that delicious, then our fellow mate’s organs might be equally yummy, let’s try that? Another idea, which the answer remains unknown to, is that why do we deter eating flesh on occasions and specific days? Guilt? Maybe.

For a moment, just put yourself or your loved one in the animal’s shoe. Are you appeased when your screams are ignored but the slaughterer? Are you content with the fact that you’re being made to surrender your life for someone’s taste? We are so deplorable that we fight against those who we know cannot retort back. As per Mr. Sangh, The butchers are the sufferers and for the rest its win win situation. Is it really for the animals who die every day for us?

God made us humans, and he’s terribly ashamed.

What happens when blind leads the blind?

“Don’t feel bad, but do you know what she said about you?”

“Wow, you’re still hanging out with someone who has nothing other than hatred towards you?”

“Honestly speaking, they really don’t like you, that’s what I’ve been told”

I think we have all come across such people who have told us this and who have narrated others the same, under our name. There are always three kinds of people. Type one, who are never tired of giving obnoxious remarks about almost everyone. Second type being the ones who blindly buy these dramatized statements, and react accordingly, forgetting the fact that they have sense to make an opinion of their own.  The rarest of all, are the people who do not hesitate to take a stand no matter what others say, is type three.

Casting aspersions on people superior, is so common and ‘entertaining’ these days. No matter how classy you remain, the jaundiced eye of people will find faults in the smallest way possible such as “omg, look at his/her eyebrows, looks so jhungli, hahaha.” Empathy is what I feel for such low confident souls who self-satisfy themselves using factitious facts. Adding on to the pitiful persona, the fact that goes unnoticeable is that, if you’ve been told negative about almost everyone, then everyone must have heard execrable remarks about you too! ‘More than what Sally says about Susie, it says more about Sally than Susie’. I think this statement has said enough.

Influencing and backbiting goes hand in hand. Reacting based on what you’ve heard rather than standing up for your own thought, is sign of a weak mind. It’s not that they can’t speak up, it’s just that if they do, they’d be made to put themselves in an undesired situation where they will be questioned and be forced to answer which can cause friction. So the best way out is go with the flow and agree onto every errant detail. To make a point requires courage which many of us are unable to attain and that my friend, is the saddest part. There is a huge difference between possessing intelligence and having high emotional quotient. Intelligence says you can analyse the situation and have a solution ready to fix but emotional quotient addresses the idea on the method you practice to do so.




Social Networking or Social Disrupting?


It had always been that pictures were meant to live as a memory, to mark exceptional moments in our calendar of life, until social networking sites, were introduced. The strategy to show-off, be it to brag about the newly purchased car, boast on the popularity one owns or the most commonly used topic these days, expressing deeply about the food that was eaten last night with atleast 10 pictures, has become effortless when working through such waste-of-time mediums.

To consume our valuable time onto stalking one another’s profile, is the pivotal feature of these sites. Nobody, unless you are an alien, wants to unveil the dark side of the life in a virtual world. Thus making one’s account superficially so pleasant and beamish, wishing the others to envy them. And majority of times, they are successful. Another facet of this new way of mind upheaval, is the pang of irritation that is caused, when a newly made friend in reality desires you to add them as ‘friends’ because their fingers twitch as they approach for the option due to the flashes of ego falling in front of them.

I would definitely second the fact that such websites play like drugs. They aid us in making ourselves approachable to new humans and most of all to ease communication. However much people pull up a fake attitude of superiority over the internet, they cannot deny their actual persona when found in-person. We cannot hide ourselves behind the laptops and mobile phones all our life, can we?

Travel to Experience!


The packing, walk to departure, wait for arrival is such an astonishing experience. Travelling is the best way to obtain this pleasure. Not only the initial phase but the one after is even more enthralling. Ever wondered why we always end up having a moment of depression while heading back?

During the excursion, we adapt loads of ideas. Usually our trips begin with a stereotyped plan but when it turns out to be something out of the box, we get exposed to many things such as diverse mode of local transportation and distinctive talks with the locals…mostly for help. Expanding our knowledge on their culture by grasping their regional language, comprehending their modus operandi and tasting their popular dishes, contributes in having a spectacular experience. Travel p’s and q’s , are another idea we learn as soon as our fellow tourists and provincial people begin to look down upon our belligerent behavior. Majority of travelers desire to create a favorable impression, by desisting from disturbing others with their excess baggage, jumping queues, not to mention respecting the place and localites but some of us proudly indulge in such actions. However diving specifically, I realize, we meet a new us. Discerning the true blue likes and dislikes we possess, the passion we carry, the hidden bona fide thoughts that was suppressed by the negatives, is an actual discovery. Basically the ways are known on how we can love ourselves. Omitting all the complications, the pain, the negativity, we adore our given life.

Travelling is nothing more than freeing our thoughts from an enclosure. When exposed to new environment, we tend to view the dilemmas in a radically different perspective. What looked highly dreadful now seems to be alleviated by the solutions, we instantly found. Such expeditions don’t require an upscale destination or even a ticket, just a walk to a nearby garden and ample of time in hand, is perfect enough.   The more our thoughts are clear, the more we attract bliss. So keep travelling and adopt knowledge, happiness and common sense.